Very good and fun game. Two players have met, and they may soon dominate the courts of the world together. At the moment, the 20-year-old Polish player, the leader of the standings, winner of the Roland Garros title from 2020, but a year younger than her, the British winner of the US Open, has great potential and great opportunities.. I showed it in the quarter-finals in Stuttgart.

I’ve started as usual lately. Świątek quickly took the lead with a breakout advantage. After a moment of sleep Radokan, she regained her strength. And in the third match, she surprised a Polish woman several times, mainly with actions “against her legs”.

It was obvious that the British, who were familiar with her opponent’s class, were trying to figure out how to defeat her, or at least start a fight. Swiatek had to be vigil the whole time. It played better, but Raducanu stood up to it, especially with its service games. The British won them one by one. They were: 1: 2, 2: 3, 3: 4, 4: 5. The distance between the players did not decrease.

In the tenth inning, despite some pressure and a very good match from her opponent earlier, Šveeke kept calm. Radokan was banned from playing. She won 0 and set 6: 4. Razin’s sure serve was decisive. She only lost three points in her service games.

In the second installment of Świątki, I immediately used the breaking point. Unexpectedly, Raducanu immediately made up for the breakthrough loss.

The meeting sped up, and it was intense. In the third game, there were many long and narrow exchanges. In the end, it turned out to be a better pole. She was driving 2:1.

The British paid for this period of very strong and fast play with pain and shock. Or maybe extreme tiredness? Raducanu requested a medical break.

After she came back, she played normally. However, she was not able to threaten the Polish woman. Swiatek couldn’t break the tempo. With some difficulties she won a 3:1 match.

Until 4:3, both players were quite confident using their service. In the eighth game, the leader of the ranking started to get into trouble. She had to defend two break points. She was nervous after the missed points, but in the end she managed to scream: “Riding!”. She was still driving. It was already 5:3.

The British won another match without losing a point. Swiatek served for promotion. It wasn’t easy. Having played in two cars in a row, she was losing 15:40. At first she surprised her opponent by sending her second cleverly into the line, then Radocano broke a direct forehand. I have become calmer. Świątek finished the match after the second match.

Currently the best tennis player in the world continues her great streak. She won the match 21 in a row, 28 sets in a row. You can enumerate more. For Świątek, this was his 12th WTA quarter-finals and 11th win. This season, he will play in the semi-finals of the WTA Championships for the sixth time.

will play with Lyudmila Samsonova (31 WTA). They had never encountered each other before. The semi-finals will start on Saturday no later than 4pm. In theory, it should have been an easier duel than the one offered by Radokan.
Olgerd Kwiatkowski

Iga wiec (Poland, 1) – Emma Raducano (Great Britain, 8) 6:4, 6:4

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