Michael Bay’s sensational show “Bad Boys” captured cinemas all over the world and was a huge hit and kickstarted Will Smith’s brilliant career. Sony studio heads did not believe in this success. As Bey himself revealed, there were doubts about whether the film with two black actors would sell outside the United States.

“Sony didn’t believe in this movie. They said two black actors wouldn’t +sell+the movie abroad. They didn’t believe it. I looked at +True Lies +James Cameron and envied him for his budget because they only gave me $9 million. They literally wanted to silence me, and cut Electricians are about me. They were so rude with + Bad Boys +. Fortunately, I had the experience of half a thousand days shooting on sets of music videos and commercials, working with the most famous athletes in the world. This way you learn how to deal with assholes “- the director admitted in an interview With “Entertainment Weekly”.

One of the consequences of Bay having a modest budget to shoot “Bad Boys” was the famous shot associated with this production. I’m talking about the whole camera spin around the characters played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Bey spontaneously came up with his idea, while he was traveling by car with the film’s producer. “Many tried to repeat it later, but it was innovative at the time,” notes the director.

Pai is also pleased that he has rubbed the nose of the Sony chiefs. “Our film literally changed the situation of black actors. It was the first such movie to sell well in foreign markets. Bad Boys grossed $141 million in cinemas around the world and was Will Smith’s first successful acting movie, who starred in A year later on the equally famous “Independence Day”.

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Despite Bad Boys’ box office success, it wasn’t certain Will Smith would star in the disastrous Roland Emmerich. As revealed by the director himself, the management of 20th Century Fox has similar objections as in the case of “Bad Boys”. Smith was originally turned down by the studio, who also feared that a film with a black actor in the lead role would not work. They too were wrong. Emmerich has grossed $817 million worldwide. (life PAP)

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