The Ukrainian army was reinforced by the “Free Russia” corps. The corps consisted of captured former Russian soldiers who decided to go on the side of the Ukrainians. The corps was joined not only by special forces, but also by Russian officers.

As the Ukrainian army assures – joining the corps is voluntary. The corps already consists of more than 100 people.

Candidates sign a declaration of readiness to fight from the Ukrainian side. Each soldier is checked by the Ukrainian armed forces and counterintelligence.

Soldiers assigned to the corps got acquainted with the operational situation at the front and expressed their willingness to join the first The fight against the “dogs in the chain of the Putin regime” – the Kadyrov family.

The Russians who pass the training will fight in their uniform, but with Ukrainian emblems. The legion will join the fight alongside the Ukrainian soldiers, and will also receive the same privileges, such as medical care, which they practically could not get during the fighting in the Russian army.

Russians in the Corps of “Free Russia” They are fighting not only for Ukraine, but also for the liberation of Russia from the Putin regime.

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