Hackers attacked the Russian video service Rutube on Monday morning, May 9. Around 7 am, this information appeared on the company’s Telegram channel. “The operational response team is working to restore access to the service,” the announcement said.

“The largest cyber attack in history”

Throughout the day, the company’s channel reported that the site was undergoing repair work, and in the evening the company announced that it was the “largest cyber attack ever” that was “costly, prepared and pre-planned.”

The purpose of the attack was to prevent Russians from seeing the Moscow Victory Parade and D-Day fireworks, say representatives of RuTube.

The service is non-refundable.

However, the site was still unavailable on Tuesday morning. According to a RuTube employee who spoke with The Village anonymously, the site’s code had been completely removed as a result of hackers, and the video site is now “unrecoverable.”

As stated, usually in this case, backups are provided, But in the particular case, the problem seems to be that the gateway doesn’t know if the hacker still has access to the system. But he added that the attack did not affect the content of the video. According to the source, such a cyber attack was possible thanks to the leakage of access tokens to the site.

It was meant to be an alternative to YouTube

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