The court’s decision will have legal consequences for several hundred thousand: employees, helpers, donors and supporters who actively support organizations related to Alexei Navalny.

There is the substance of Terlecki’s letter to Cichanouska. ‘Discouraged the Poles’

according to v Russia By law, the indicated persons can be held criminally responsible for their activities on behalf of an extremist organization. Employees and associates of Alexei’s regional employees Nawalnego And the Anti-Corruption Foundation, there is a risk of up to 6 years in the labor camp.

According to Russian opposition activists and human rights defenders, the Kremlin is trying to completely eliminate its opponents from participating in political life. RussiaEspecially prevent it from starting in the fall elections parliamentary.

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Pedro on sanctions against Belarus: at the moment, there is still one to zero for Putin and Lukashenka

Russian opposition: Millions of Russians may lose their right to vote

The Russian opposition also raises concerns that several million citizens may lose their right to stand for election. And according to the movement “Gołos” in which you watch Russia Democratic processes and laws restricting the passive electoral law adopted by the State Duma are repressive in nature and are contrary to the Constitution.

“Golus” co-leader Vitaly Oeren said in an interview with Echo Moscow on Tuesday that the law prevents people associated with extremist organizations from running for office. The human rights defender noted that the ban applies to: employees, affiliates, donors, and even people who have openly expressed sympathy with an extremist organization. In his opinion, the restrictive regulations would affect several million Russians, especially those associated with the opposition.

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The online newspaper “Waznyje istorii” reported that the Kremlin over the past 14 years has prevented more than 120 thousand people from participating in the elections through various harassment and restrictions.

“In this way, millions of Russians were deprived of the right to elect their representatives,” the Russian portal wrote.

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