The car is supposed to be there too Used in chases after stolen carsthat pass through the Czech Republic to other countries. In 2019, the police registered about 30 illegal races, the route of which passed through the Czech Republic.

Similar compounds are used in these cases Superior performanceThis cannot fully compete with regular patrols, said police spokesman Jacob Finchalek.

According to the police, the Ferrari is one of the many vehicles that It is insured every year. It’s not even the most expensive of them all,” said Wencesalek.

In 2021, about 900 cars were seized, mostly Sold to cover damages caused by owners. Some cars are used by the police on official duties. adapting to such tasks Ferrari cost 300 thousand. crowns, or about 12 thousand. euro. Additional 5,000 Euros were spent on operating and maintaining a car that had not been used for ten years.


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