A few days ago, the United States was considering lifting the travel ban on people from the European Union, Great Britain and many other countries in the world. However, the decision seems to have changed at the last minute and we can forget about the trip to the US this summer for now.

The United States is still closed to tourists from European Union countries, Great Britain and many other countries. The restrictions were imposed in March 2020 and it doesn’t look like they will be lifted anytime soon.

A little over a week ago, US President Joe Biden, who hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Washington at the time, He assured him that he was considering easing restrictions and allowing travelers from the European Union or Great Britain to enter the country. Looks like he made a different decision at the last minute.

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The United States will not open the borders to tourists from the European Union and other countries. We won’t be flying there this summer

A meeting on the global COVID-19 pandemic was scheduled to take place at the White House on Friday. The topic of restrictions that have been in force in the United States since March 2020 is also brought up here. Although It was announced that soon tourists, incl. Of the European Union countries will be able to travel to the United States, it seems that this will not happen.

Foreign media reported that border closures are ongoing and at the moment we cannot count on flights to the United States. The US administration’s decision was dictated by an increase in infections in the country. The delta type of coronavirus is causing more and more cases. The average number of infections in the past seven days has risen to 52,000. Cases.

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We remind you of that In turn, the European Union decided in June that it is possible for vaccinated US citizens to travel to the organization’s member states. It was also supposed to be a prelude to easing US restrictions. However, it seems that we will have to wait for the new rules.

Source: PAP