The Russian Ministry of Justice has published a list of 15 organizations that have lost their ability to operate legally in this country. One of these organizations is the Association “Polish Community”, which has been supporting the Polish diaspora and Poles all over the world, including the Russian Federation, for 32 years.

The Russian Ministry of Justice denied the “Polish Community” association the right to work in that country. The case was announced on the association’s website.

Russian Ministry of JusticeYuri Mashkov / ITAR-TASS / PAB

List of 15 organizations from different countries

As he explained, “the list published by the ministry included 15 organizations that lost the ability to work legally in them RussiaThe Association of Polish Society is the only NGO of the kind from Poland that has been banned from operating. It has been reported that among the 15 organizations on the list, nine are from Germany, three are from the USA and one each from Poland, Great Britain and Switzerland.

These are, among others: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, branches of the American Carnegie Endowment, one of the oldest institutions in the United States, and representative offices of well-known German political institutions: the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Heinrich Boel Foundation, and the Rosa Foundation Luxembourg, the Aga Khan Foundation, the International Institute for International Education” – it was written. “They were excluded due to the discovery of violations of the current regulations of the Russian Federation,” the ministry noted. What violations and regulations – this is not reported, ”we read on the association’s website.

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And, as emphasized, “Deletion from the record practically means the closure of Russian representations.”

What does the “Polish Community” Association do?

It was recalled that the “Association” of the Polish community “has been supporting the Polish diaspora and Poles all over the world for 32 years, including those who live on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

As it was added, “The greatest efforts are currently being directed in favor of the Poles in Ukraine and refugees of Polish origin who come to Poland from areas affected by Russian aggression. “The embargo issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry will significantly impede the fulfillment of our obligations to the Poles in Russia” – he emphasized in the entry.

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Main image source: Yuri Mashkov / ITAR-TASS / PAB