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Both Republican Senator from Georgia incumbent Kelly Loiffler and Democratic opponent Reverend Raphael Warnock said in tonight’s debate that they will receive the Coronavirus vaccine when it is ready and considered safe.

Warnock, who was asked the question first, said he would take a vaccine and promote it, and would also work to ensure that disadvantaged residents were not in the back of the wait.

“When our health professionals tell us that we have an effective, effective and safe vaccine, I will take it,” he said. “I will encourage the people who listened to me, the people who have been in my church and in the community to take it.”

“I will also try to work hard as a senator to make sure that the communities that are often marginalized never find themselves at the back of the line again,” he added.

Loeffler said she would also take advantage of her, and seized the opportunity to cement her relationship with the outgoing Trump administration.

When the moderator asked her if she would take a vaccine and promote it, she said, “Absolutely.”

“I was with the vice president [Mike] On Friday at the CDC, Pence said, “I feel more proud of what we have done this year to provide relief, but also to get treatment.”

“I will encourage my Georgian colleagues to stay safe, get vaccinated, and we have a great plan to give priority to the communities that need it most and we will make sure that is implemented,” she added.

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