A Moscow court ruled that the leader of the opposition must pay a fine of 850,000 rubles, which is approximately 10,000 euros. Navalny himself considers the trial mock.

Last year, the leader of the Russian opposition criticized an advertising video encouraging the vote in favor of the Kremlin’s amendments to the constitution, describing his people as “selling servants” and “traitors.” The statements did not appeal to relatives of the veteran who appeared in the film and filed a complaint Prosecutor’s Office.

The court upheld the decision. Navalny Tavi to the penal colony

In filing the indictment, prosecutor Yekaterina Frawa, described by independent media as “Alexei Navalny on duty,” stated that the opposition activist had tarnished the reputation of the former soldier army Red tarnishes the reputation of the Soviet Union.

In his closing address, Alexei Navalny accused the present authorities Russia Sarcastic use of advertising games. According to the opposition activist, the state does not care about veterans, and most of them live in poverty. The opponent pleaded not guilty. In his view, the trial was rigged and was the Kremlin’s political revenge.

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Medvedev: I think Putin is afraid of Navalny

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