Carol Wagner, a hotel owner from Zakopane, confirmed in an interview Virtual PolandHe is grateful to the government for keeping hotels open. – However, what happened yesterday in the late evening and today in the morning, on the one hand, is completely normal for Zakopane and this is what Zakopane should look like at the moment, but it is completely reprehensible in terms of what is happening with the virus in the world – He confirmed

On Friday, he added, there was no “party escalation” in Krupovsky, while in the vicinity of shops and smaller streets, “it seems that the Eid has returned.” Regimes, unfortunately, are unable to maintain them. We must be open as responsible employers (…) on whom the presence of tens of thousands of families depend – he stressed, adding that hoteliers are doing their best to comply with the current health rules and not close them again.

Carol Wagner said – Another lockdown will not only deprive us of earning potential in another period of time, but it will also allow us to depreciate the costs incurred on the opening. The reporter asked the owner of the hotel if there would be a “Rio Carnival” in Zakopane again this weekend. – I beg you, I beg the tourists: Do not repeat this practice. Have fun, party, take advantage of the weather, hike in the mountains, ski, but don’t party in the open spaces that the hoteliers, their children, and their families will be punished for. Reply.

Niedzelski: The government is considering closing the southern border of Poland

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Coronaparte in Zakopane

From February 12 hotels and ski slopes. This caused tourists to invade Zakopane last weekend. Some visitors to the city did not adhere to the restrictions in place: they did not wear masks and did not keep their distance. Moreover, there were fights that disturbed the night silence and even battles. The police intervened 300 Times.

On Saturday, Adam Nidzelski spoke on ZET Radio about the increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus. He emphasized that this is “definitely the right time to make informed decisions” regarding the new health restrictions. – We are thinking about how to effectively implement the restrictions, as unfortunately there is a financial burden. The Minister of Health said we have to act effectively and not blindly.

They even showed Zakopane spare parts in Indian media.  Bodhill is still celebratingThey even showed “Koronaparty” in Zakopane in Indian media. The ball continues

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