Subsequent debates in the European Parliament, resolutions and blackmailing officials in Brussels with EU money – despite the campaign against Poland, our country is almost similar to Germany in EU statistics. This is the result of a report from the Politico website, which analyzed cases of violations of EU laws by all EU countries. Much larger problems with the rule of law were recorded in Italy, Greece, Portugal and Belgium.

Germany and France violated the rule of law. Will the European Union bear the consequences?

– What was done yesterday in Strasbourg is a big blow to all of us – told about the European Parliament debate on Poland on the day off …

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what or what Violations of EU law mentioned in the report? Politico describes a wide range of issues: “from a contaminated steel plant in Italy, to defective or unsafe products smuggled through the main electronic equipment trade in Belgium, to Romanian farmers who use pesticides on a large scale, despite being banned in 2018. in the whole European Union.

Who in the EU has the biggest problems with the rule of law

The results of the five-month press investigation may be surprising, given the negative reputation that Poland and Hungary have gained in the European Union (also thanks to the actions of the Polish opposition in Brussels). The governments of Warsaw and Budapest have been the most criticized in recent years with regard to the rule of law.

The Politico report belies many of these allegations. When the European Commission recently announced the approval of the Polish national reconstruction plan, the Belgian MEP Guy VerhofstadtKnown for his attacks on Poland, he undermined the European Commission’s decision and threatened to apply for a vote of no-confidence against Ursula von der Leyen.

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However, it turns out that It is his country (of which he was prime minister in 1999-2008) that has much bigger problems with the rule of law.. Belgium was behind the podium when it came to breaking EU rules. It is broken most often – on an annual basis – in Italy, Greece and Portugal.

At the head of the state of the “old union”

How is Poland performing in the statistics? This is well illustrated by the graphs prepared by Politico:

Graph source: Politico

The graph on the left shows the average annual number of violation actions. The graph on the right shows the total number of such cases recorded since 2002. (Some states joined the community later, so they had less time to put together infringement cases).

The entire Rule of Law report is available at Politico website

Commission to avoid confrontation with the group’s countries?

In the most meaningful comparison – average cases per year – Poland ranks 11th, just ahead of Germany, which has a roughly similar number of infringement proceedings. And the Before us, among others Spain, France and the Czech Republic.

The report’s authors note that although over the course of a year, more than 3,000 jobs were submitted to the commission. Complaints, the number of procedures initiated has decreased in the past ten years. According to experts, this proves that the European Commission has “lost its appetite” for a difficult confrontation with the capitals.

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