Admiral Lord West and Admiral Chris Barry, who fought in the 1982 war, claimed that the producers of The Crown sought to damage the Queen’s reputation by failing to correct the facts. Their anger arose on the Netflix show over an entire makeup scene that appeared in the recent season of The Crown.

The scene in question shows that the Queen, played by Olivia Coleman, is unaware of the victory parade that will mark the end of the conflict with Argentina.

In the drama, the Queen is told about the event by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson.

Later in the episode, the Queen sits down to watch the show from her TV and appears annoyed that she is not required to attend.

However, no such meeting was ever held, and on that day, October 12, 1982, the Queen and Prince Philip were 9,000 miles away on an official tour of the Pacific Ocean.

As a result, two Falkland veterans harshly criticized the show.

Lord West said, “The portrayal of the Queen in connection with the Falklands War is utter nonsense. Any suggestion that the Queen asks the Prime Minister or anyone else to remind her that the victory parade is taking place is illusory and offensive.

The Crown reduced an important chapter in British military history to cheap series fodder. I’m afraid to think anyone can take this picture of the queen seriously. “

Likewise, Admiral Barry described the scenes as “shameful and exploitative”.

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He said, “The Queen was fully involved in all matters relating to the Falklands campaign. It was also understood and approved by the royal family that Mrs. Thatcher would attend the show because the campaign was her victory and she provided such remarkable political leadership.

“Viewers should be told that The Crown is a very dramatic movie. However, at the moment there is no such release prior to each episode.”

This isn’t the first time that The Crown has been criticized, as royal experts criticize how Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship has developed on the show.

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8.14 am update: Meghan Markle used a ‘bold’ networking strategy to communicate and ‘enhance her profile’

Meghan Markle’s “bold” communication strategy helped the Duchess boost her profile before she met Prince Harry, a celebrity biographer claims.

Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she was a successful actress who starred in the popular legal drama Suits, had her own website called The Tig and had secured several contracts with fashion designers. Speaking of her accomplishments, celeb biographer Sean Smith revealed how Megan was able to boost her profile so quickly.

In his new book, Meghan Misunderstood, the author says Meghan used communication style when visiting London in the summer of 2016.

He wrote, “One of the strategies Megan used to boost her profile was to position herself next to a celebrity; both of them could benefit from the resulting publicity.

“This approach was successful, for example, when she was photographed with Irish golf champion, Rory McIlroy.”

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Mr. Smith also revealed that Megan was confident sending messages to people she didn’t know, hoping they would respond and start a conversation.

He said, “Megan never paid attention to someone’s cold messages. She was out of date using social media to communicate.”