A mysterious monolith unearthed in a remote area of ​​the United States has been – quite mysteriously – removed.

10-12 feet (3-3.6 meters) It was a metal chassis It is found in Utah Last week it was dug into the ground and tucked into a red rocky bay, prompting speculation about how it might have been there.

But on Sunday, it was Utah The Bureau of Land Management said the structure had been removed.

A metal monolith is found in Utah. PIC: Utah Department of Public Safety

On Facebook, the office said: “We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure, referred to as ‘monolith’, has been removed from the BLM public lands by an unknown entity.

“BLM has not removed the structure that is considered private.

“We are not investigating crimes related to private property that the local mayor’s office is taking over.

“The structure has received international and national attention and we have received reports that a person or group removed it on the evening of November 27th.”

The monolith was originally spotted by state wildlife officials who were helping to count the number of bighorn sheep from a Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter.

“This was the strangest thing I had encountered there in all my flying years,” pilot Brett Hutchings told local news channel KSL TV.

Mineral monolith found in Utah.  PIC: Utah Department of Public Safety
The metal monolith puzzle has garnered worldwide attention. PIC: Utah Department of Public Safety

“We were kind of joking about that if one of us suddenly disappeared, the rest would run for him,” he said.

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“We were, like, thinking this is something that NASA hung over there or something. Are they wearing satellites about that or something?”

He said it appeared to be man-made, possibly by a “new wave artist” or a “huge fan” of the 2001 science fiction movie A Space Odyssey, referring to a scene in the movie.

In Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1968 movie, a monkey lump is discovered in the desert.

2001: Space Flight
The Hulk has been likened to the one seen in the 2001 movie: A Space Odyssey

DPS has posted pictures and screenshots of the discovery on its website, and a person taking a video can be heard saying, “Intrepid explorers come down to explore what alien life looked like.”

After DPS shared photos of the structure on its social media channels, followers came up with their theories of their own.

One suggested that it was a “space gateway,” and another suggested that the object “might have left behind filming.”

Others joked, “This is where the charger plugged in” and “I was wondering where I left that.”