Day: 100% light to moderate snowfall until midnight. 1-3 “Snow accumulation. Mostly late cloudy skies. Low 30 (27-31) Light winds.

Monday: mostly cloudy sky. Slight swirls with a 20% potential for sea impact. High 37 (34-39). The northwest wind at 5-10 mph.

Monday night: mostly cloudy skies. Snow swirls with 20% lake impact potential. Low at 28 (25-30). The northwest wind at 5-10 mph.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy. The chance of a marine snowstorm is 30%. High 36. Low 26.

Wed: Mostly cloudy. High of 33. Low of 23.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy skies. High 30, Low 20.

Friday: mostly cloudy. High 30, Low 19.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy skies. High from hole 28 to 21

Sunday: partly cloudy. High from 30.

Snow will continue for the next few hours until it is gone after midnight. However, the clouds will remain on Monday.

While a sea storm is likely on Monday and Tuesday, this will be the start of a fairly calm pattern. The models show no windy regimes during the week, so the double levels can catch their breath after a very active 3 weeks.

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