The cause of the confusion was the strict restrictions imposed by the governments of Spain and Germany, which severely limited mobility between their countries and Great Britain. The deadline for lifting restrictions has already been extended three times, and if the situation recurs, the hosts will have to play their matches in another country, which can be accessed from Great Britain without the need for quarantine.

Atletico authorities have to look for an alternative solution now, because if they don’t come up with a backup plan, the consequences will be very dire. Uefa authorities have already threatened to carry out raids and will not ease their sanctions.

Another thing is that the decisive position of the EU authorities may prove insufficient in a moment, because this is not the end of the problems related to the epidemic, and in the moment of restrictions it may make life difficult for other teams.

Last season, the recipe for ending the Champions League matches was to reduce the competition in the quarter-finals to just one match and organize subsequent matches in a short period of time. This time, a rematch is not an option, as clubs are obligated to participate in the national leagues, and the schedule for matches is already very tight.