Capcom has just submitted new footage from Resident Evil Village. Production might be one of the hottest horror movies in recent years, because the developers have created great atmospheres. See the materials and discover the details.

Capcom recorded success after success for several years, and at least currently Resident Evil Village looks like a production that would keep the Japanese studio streak going. Earlier, we saw the materials introducing the hunting system, and now the developers have shown more parts of the expected game.

First of all, Capcom revealed a cool-looking teaser that featured a series of new scenes – Ethan will face a variety of opponents, but there are a number of interesting characters to note. The production looks really good.

Capcom confirmed this The new demo will only be released on the specified date and players will be given 60 minutes to check out the clip. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners will get early access to the game – Sony customers can download the demo today.

Resident Evil Village mercenaries were also announced at the event – This is a special mode that provides more dynamic movement. In this case, players can count on a lot of shooting, customizing weapons and completing quick missions, during which we will fight larger groups of competitors. Ethan can also use special upgrades in this case. The creators announce a game full of surprises – it will be a suggestion for fans who rely on challenges.

Resident Evil 4 VR has even been announced for Oculus:


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Village Resident Evil 8 – Mercenaries