The Sucker Punch team has made a big surprise for all fans of digital pet video games – Jin’s latest adventure update brings fully refreshed fox animations.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most successful games of the past year. The project was well received, and fans can count on the continuous evolution of the universe. We got it last month Ghost Cut Out Tsushimathat I offered An all-new adventure in Iki Island. Now instead Ghost of Tsushima Legends debutedTherefore, the project focused on multiplayer.

Have you ever heard of “Can you pet a dog?” on twitter? There the lecturers write about the headlines where you can interact with animals (paradoxically not only with dogs) and report all kinds of news in this aspect. Yesterday there was an entry and thanks to him we know it Foxes now have more cool animations in Ghost of Tsushima. The changes may have been made in patch 2.08.

Now that we come close to the quiet fox, He’ll start picking his pawsAnd it’s a sign that she probably can’t wait to scratch it a bit. Furthermore, when we decide to take a break from the constant fighting and licking the red pet, this He’ll fall on his back so we can tie him to his stomach. Small change, but given the positive reaction from fans, it’s definitely worth it. See for yourself how it works in practice: