A record number of officers are leaving the New York City Police Department (NYPD) or retiring this year. They explain it, among other things, hostility to officers and the increase in crime.

According to the New York Post (NYP), 1,596 people had left the NYPD by May 31 this year. 524 policemen left the profession, while 1,072 retired.

The newspaper pointed out that “the number of 1,596 people represents an increase of 38% over the same period in 2021 when 1,159 police officers retired and an increase of 46% from 2020 when 1,092 police officers left their jobs.” The largest exodus of New York City officials since the statistics became available.

Quoting her sources, she noted that hostility to the police, bail reform and increased crime contributed to the frustration of NYPD officials.

“The city is out of control – especially since the bail system reform. The slogan is now + run while you still can +” – quotes “NYP” to a former Queens cop who introduces himself as “Joe”.

He talked about the decrease in the number of officers and the resulting increase in tasks. When he arrested people, he said, he released them the same day.

“I had to explain (to the residents): + This man will be imprisoned today, but tomorrow evening he will come to your street again, he will be on the same corner, you will see him in the same shops (committing crimes). I wish we could do something more. We can’t +” Joe explained.

The New York Daily claims that the statistics provided contradict NYPD data, which states that by May 31, 1,091 police officers had left, 494 of them had resigned and 594 had retired.

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Andrei Dobroolsky from New York