And Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Hurkovenko published a photo of the graduation ceremony. As he describes, Nikolai Lukashenka came in a blue suit, and one of his classmates in a yellow dress was sitting next to him. – This seems to be a very direct message to the mustachioed cockroach – the author wrote.

Lukashenka’s son supports Ukraine?

A yellow and blue photo of Lukashenka’s son goes online. However, Internet users are divided. Some believe this may actually be a silent gesture of support for Ukraine, which is fighting Russia, while others see it as just an unfortunate coincidence of the dictator’s son.

An attack that Lukashenka could not have foreseen? – Ukrainian portal U24 koi.

Kolya will have problems – Internet users suggest.

Lukashenka turned into a youth

On the day of the graduates’ graduation, Alexander Lukashenka gave a speech to young people about “difficult school years and the need to decide on another path.” The dictator said it would be easier for teens to live in the future if they dealt with “specific issues”. He advised his graduates to go to work, start a family and have children.

According to Lukashenka, the son will have to choose his own path, but he will definitely not enter politics. Nikolai Lukashenka disappeared from public places in the face of protests in Belarus in 2020 – then was supposed to move to Moscow and study at a secondary school under a different name.

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