For bargain hunters looking to discover Costco’s massive group, a Channel 5 documentary discovered a loophole that could allow more people to join as members.

Costco has 29 warehouses spread across the UK stocking everything from widescreen TVs to mega cakes and groceries.

But, as a wholesaler, its range of plus-size products is generally not available to the British public. Unlike supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury, you can’t wander the aisles of stores hoping for a bargain.

This is because access to Costco’s shelves is only possible after an individual is enrolled in the company’s membership program.

Costco has a wide range of plus-size products on display (Image: PA) Read more related articles Read more related articles

But for those unqualified, Channel 5 Documentary Costco: Is it really worth it? It can find a loophole.

On the store page, Costco lists occupations eligible for access to purchase a membership. These include frontline workers such as doctors and emergency services, as well as lawyers and retirees.

But there have been rumors that membership in insurance policies, including AA and RAC, may be enough to avoid these stringent criteria.

Buyers can only join Costco if they qualify for membership (Image: VCG via Getty Images)

During Channel 5, which aired on June 8, the show’s producers tested this theory by calling a number of stores. They were surprised to confirm the rumors.

“Okay, cool so I’m just sticking with any of them; AA, RAC, American Express, or National Trust, can you sign me up?” said the producer.

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The Channel 5 documentary exposed a vulnerability in wholesaler access (Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

This means that at four UK stores – Cardiff, Birmingham, Sheffield and Coventry – potential customers can sign up for any of the memberships listed above, even if they don’t qualify for Costco access.

Unfortunately for the British not located near one of the eligible stores, the document revealed that the remaining 25 Costco magazines had contradicted rumors of this form of access to the vulnerability.

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