The project has every chance to become the game of the year, and we advise you to definitely pay attention to it if you haven’t done it yet.

Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person action game with role-playing elements. The action takes place at the end of the XIX century at the Hogwarts School. The player will also have to visit other places during the passage of the main storyline.

The main character of the game is a student or a fifth-year student of the school. The character is able to use ancient magic, which is inaccessible to most wizards in the Harry Potter world. This feature becomes the key to the start of the plot and the core of the overall story of the game. During the game, you will learn defensive spells, master a broom, and even a hippogriff. We can say that this is a Lamborghini in the world of magical transport. And to try it in real life you do not need to immerse yourself in a magical world, taking a Lamborghini Huracan car rental in Dubai will be enough for this. Rental companies and rental services are available everywhere and will provide you with a fantastic option to hire any vehicle you like.

So why is everyone crazy about Hogwarts Legacy?

1. The familiar universe

Hogwarts Legacy was developed by fans of the franchise, turning it into fanservice with a huge number of familiar elements. Hogwarts Legacy partially performs the role of a virtual museum for those who have not waited for the cherished letter of invitation.

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The territory of the castle and its immediate surroundings have been worked out in detail, and all the iconic pictireaque places have been carefully transferred to the game. There is a recognizable courtyard, a large hall, a library, a hospital wing, offices, classrooms, and many other locations. Also, the player will definitely visit the Gringotts bank, the village of Hogsmeade, and the Forbidden Forest.

2. References to books and films

The developers have moved the main details from books and movies, almost without adding anything from themselves. At the same time, Hogwarts Legacy does not copy solutions from the cinematic series. There is a different time period here, so it was logical to assume that many places then looked a little different.

The Harry Potter films were remembered not only for the visual part but also for the music. The soundtrack in Hogwarts Legacy was composed by a team of composers, focusing on the works of John Williams. The authors chose similar arrangements, interpolated familiar motifs, and quite successfully coped with the formation of a fabulous atmosphere. But there will certainly be bouts of childish delight at the moments when the very Hedwig’s Theme of Williams is heard.

3. The ability to create your own character and develop it

At the start of the game, you need to choose the appearance of the main character. You can limit yourself to one of the pre-prepared templates or approach customization more carefully.

The pumping system in the game is not the most complicated, but it is interesting enough to develop the “talents” of your wizard. For example, you can delve into forbidden magic, embark on a dangerous path with unforgivable spells and turn into a master of the Dark Arts. But it’s also fascinating to play the role of an honest Gryffindor on the side of the world. At least during the first passage.

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4. Successful game mechanics

The combat system is implemented well. Battles do not turn into an exchange of the same spells, and for different types of enemies, you need to look for your own approach to attacks and defense.

It is possible to collect a large amount of loot, but game designers have planned the mechanics so that players do not have to endlessly do boring things for the sake of pumping. There are several dozen spells in Hogwarts Legacy that are really useful. Rewards for completed tasks are almost always valuable – there is no feeling that it was too monotonous and time has been wasted.

5. Plot with additional quests

The story in Hogwarts Legacy is quite simple, there are no unexpected twists or deep philosophical ideas in the plot. As in other open-world games, the main line fades into the background, and additional tasks take up a significant part of the time. The authors have worked hard on some of these quests. The player meets several students, each of whom have their own background and need for help.

Hogwarts Legacy will immerse the player in a fantasy world and entertain for several dozen hours without a grind.