The inaugural season for Athletes Unlimited, the first women’s volleyball tournament in the US in years, made a real boom in the country, but its format is not based on the classic league style that fans around the world are accustomed to. So the Americans are already working on the upcoming matches that will have the framework of the professional league.

Professional national tournaments must run concurrently with Athletes Unlimited, which is based on individual appearances rather than group appearances. Organizers of the new league, which will be called League One Volleyball (LOVB), have said they intend to start the event in 2022 and expand over the next two years with a tournament that will run all season (16 weeks) and extend. several cities.

It is not yet known how many clubs it will participate in, but it is clear that these will be some of the clubs located in the US (A5 Atlanta, Houston Skyline, Mizuno Long Beach), and perhaps also others that will or will be established soon. The LOVB project hasn’t been announced in detail yet, but organizers have revealed that several current and former players on the national team are involved in running the competition, including Haley Washington, Carli Lloyd, Kelsey Robinson, Kimberly Hill, Alisha Glass and Justin Wong-Orantes.

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