COVID-19 heroes dominate the Queen’s birthday honors list, from famous faces like Marcus Rashford and Joe Wicks, to key workers and volunteers who helped Britain’s fight against the coronavirus.

The list is usually released in June, but has been postponed to include people, such as medical personnel and fundraisers, who have played an active role in Covid-19 Exertion.

Footballer Marcus Rashford MBE has been selected after a campaign to ensure that vulnerable children are still receiving proper meals during the pandemic.

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Rashford reflects on MBE

His campaign forced the government to fundamentally change the provision of free school meals.

“As a young black man from Wyethenshaw, I never thought I would accept MBE, regardless of MBE at the age of 22,” said Rashford.

“This is a very special moment for me and my family, but especially my mother who is the true recipient of this honor.

“The battle to protect our most vulnerable children is not over yet.”

Body trainer Joe Wicks MBE has also been in place to help kids maintain their energy and mental fitness during lockdown.

Four-year-old Lois Copley-Jones shares a live PE broadcast with fitness trainer Joe Wicks
Live workouts from Joe Wicks helped the nation keep her fit under lockdown

He said, “My childhood and how I grew up, if you met me as a little kid you would think, ‘He’s not going anywhere, he’s not going to do anything cool.”

“But I turned it around and I’m really proud to have become this person helping people.”

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Derek Evans, better known as Mr. Motivator, also became MBE.

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Motivator says he “feels humbled” to become MBE

Speaking to Sky News, he said he felt humbled that he was on the list.

“We have rallied ourselves and take care of each other and I think we should support that and continue to push this message that we cannot do it alone,” he said.

“The most successful athlete should have a team of people around him, and so should all of us, we need each other.”

Mary Berry
Mary Berry says she only has one O – in cooking

Earlier this week, news was leaked of the fatal role of former Great British Judge Mary Berry and actress Maureen Lipman, who became famous for her roles in BT advertisements in the 1980s and currently on Coronation Street.

Mrs. Berry said she was “totally overwhelmed” in receiving the kindness, adding: “I wish my parents and siblings were here to share my joy, because my only achievement in school was just one O-level – in cooking, of course.”

“However, I am sure they are looking down and smiling.”

Maureen Lipman attends Vamos Cuba!  An evening of dignitaries at Sadler's Wells Theater in London
Actress Maureen Lipman became a lady
Sir David Attenborough speaks at the UK Climate Association in January 2020
Sir David Attenborough speaking at the UK Climate Association in January, 2020

Meanwhile, Sir David Attenborough receives the Knight Grand Order on the Diplomatic List for Broadcasting and Conservation Services.

For music services, British rapper Dizzee Rascal was awarded an MBE award, while hip-hop duo Krept and Konan were awarded a BEM.

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There are jockeys for actor David Suchet for drama services and charities, and Tommy Steele, nicknamed “the first rock and roll star” in Britain, for entertainment services and charity.

There are educational centers from The University of Manchester of Professor Brian Cox, TV presenter Lauren Kelly, actor Adrian Lister, and singer-songwriter Joan Armmering.

In total, this year’s list was made up of 1,495 honors, with 414 unidentified champions who have responded to the epidemic.

Daisy Rascal
Dizzee Rascal gets MBE

It’s also the most ethnically diverse list to date, with 13% of recipients from an ethnic minority background.

Rajinder Singh, 73, a.k.a. Skewer Sikh, earned MBE for his fundraising efforts.

He has raised thousands of pounds for the NHS through his videos posted online.

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Rajinder Singh- The 73-year-old finds a way to exercise in isolation

He said, “I really don’t want to be famous or famous, I just want to do it for a good cause.

“I always bless people, they make me famous, I’m nothing, I’m a crazy person, and when someone says you’re crazy, that’s a blessing to me, that’s what I learn. All religions should respect it and work together.”

Among the NHS employees who receive the honors is the Chief Pharmacist at Royal Marsden Jatinder Harchowal Hospital, who received the MBE certification.

He spent eight weeks away from home helping to set up the Nightingale Hospital in London.

COVID-19 job loss

Speaking of his MBE, he said, “It is humbling and it touches to know that it has been recognized. We are grateful for that.

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“We are all at the NHS, working for the NHS because we want to do our best for the sick and the health of the nation. Don’t expect you to be recognized. So it really is a warm-hearted feeling to get that honor.”

In sports, former long-distance runner Brendan Foster was awarded the Equestrian Medal for his services to international and national sport and culture in the Northeast.

The couple shares a joke at a Terrence Higgins Trust event ahead of National HIV Testing Week
Gareth Thomas shares a joke with Prince Harry at the Terrence Higgins Trust event ahead of National HIV Testing Week

Former Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas made for the Central Bank of Egypt, while cricketer Darren Gough made MBE.

The honor committee has received more than 4,000 nominations since May, much more than they usually receive in a year, reflecting people’s desire to get to know those who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic.

Darren Gove from England celebrates after winning his fourth Ash Test against Australia in Melbourne
English cricketer Darren Gove celebrates his test win over Australia

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “This year’s awardees are a testament to the kind of country we live in – care, compassion and resolve in the face of a global pandemic.

“The hard work and dedication of these local, often unknown, heroes helped us. I congratulate them all.