The new airline wants to connect the US and Asia with a layover in Alaska. The first of these flights is scheduled to begin in mid-2022.

North Pacific Airlines is a new U.S. airline that plans to offer cheap flights between the continental United States and Asia via its Alaska transit base, Insider reported Monday (9.08).

The authors of the startup Air want to base their business on Iceland, which provides connections between the United States and Europe via Reykjavik. Officials in the North Pacific believe that Alaska and Asia are places where American passenger flights are expensive, and the new carrier is set to tackle this.

Alaska is a unique place that presents all kinds of challenges, and people who don’t know it think they are terrified of Alaska’s unique challenges. We are from here, we work here. This is our home – He said Rob McKinney, The originator of North Pacific Airlines, the current managing director of Ravn Alaska.

Northern Pacific Airlines plans to start flights to Japan, South Korea and to many cities in the United States – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas and Orlando are on the priority list. Flights to Asia will be operated by a carrier base in Anchorage, and their first flights are scheduled for the start of the summer 2022 season. The carrier will also be able to spend time in Alaska on the way to and from Asia.

Although the flights will be scheduled to allow for fast and convenient communications, we will do so They also offer packages that allow travelers to spend a few days in Alaska and take a trip that will take them deep into the state. Our goal is to encourage people to spend a day or two here, catch salmon or ride a dog sled on a glacier, or simply do whatever it is that is only done here in Alaska. – added McKinney.

The airline plans to base its operations on Boeing 757s, as does Iceland. By 2023, the fleet of the North Pacific Lines is expected to have 12 such machines. The carrier has just begun a lengthy regulatory process that will enable it to launch flights before the summer 2022 season.

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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska is already used as a transit point between Asia and North America by shipping companies.

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