Bartik Jordzijak was running the weather from various places across Poland, and this time he made it to London. He met Anna Senkara, London correspondent, Dzień Dobry TVN. They talked about interesting facts about the capital of Great Britain.

Bartik Jędrzejak in London

A large part of the British Polish community starts their day with Dzień Dobry TVN. Those working at the time watch episodes of the show in Player. Bartek Jędrzejak and Anna Senkara went on a tour around London It offered the most interesting places in the capital. They started in the heart of the city.

– We’re at Westminster, behind us a very special point, and that’s London Eye – Bartik Jędrzejak . said

– It’s the Millennium Wheel. According to the proposed name, On the occasion of the new millennium. It is the most popular paid attraction in Great Britain. Annually, three million tourists watch it. From about the 20th floor you can enjoy London. The highest point is 135 meters – added Anna Senkara.

London is a wonderful city, it is huge. – I don’t know if you know, but Its population is more than that of New York. London has more than eight million inhabitants – the reporter noted.

red booths in london

Anna and Bartik moved to Westminster Bridge which leads directly to Parliament, then presented the famous red telephone boxes, which are a London landmark. It works all the time and you can benefit from it.

To get a symbolic pound, you can adopt such a booth and give it a second life Turn it into a coffee shop or ironically into a mobile phone repair shop, Senkara said.

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Interestingly enough, many Britons start their day with journalism. The heroes of the articles are, among others, Queen Elizabeth II, as well as other members of the royal family.

– Every evening there is a so-called “press preview”, so you can already know what will be in the press the next day. The Queen often appears on the cover and the British love her. Anna noticed that if anything bad was said about the Queen, it was like an attack on the United Kingdom.

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Main image source: Good morning TVN