Photos of Vladimir Putin, who spent several days in Siberia with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, appeared on the Internet. Politicians went hunting, looked at the bear’s dens, and slept in a tent in the taiga.

The President of Russia rests in Siberia from time to time. In recent years, General Shoigu accompanied him.

Photos released by the Kremlin show Putin resting very actively. The photos show politicians hunting, roaming, searching for bear lairs.

Pictures some Often posted on vacation by Kremlin. More recently, it was March – then the photos showed how the Russian leader crosses the taiga in a tracked vehicle, visits a local sawmill with the minister and walks through the winter landscape of the Siberian forests. In one of the pictures you can see how the politicians Picnic outdoors.

In previous years, the president was photographed hunting and riding shirtless.

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