Just on a Friday afternoon The BBC cut off television and radio broadcasts scheduled to present the Buckingham Palace statement to viewers. A black and white headline page for “News” appeared on BBC One, the UK’s most watched TV channel. Then the presenter read the information about the death of Prince Philip, after which viewers listened to the national anthem of Great Britain.

Over the next 24 hours, the TV and radio stations of Public Radio completely changed their schedules, providing special material on Prince Philip, which did not appeal to a large portion of the audience and listeners.

According to Deadline, all the major stations – BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 – saw a dramatic drop in viewership in Friday evening hours compared to the previous week’s results.

About the number of 100 thousand. Complaints and potential record reported to The Sun. The newspaper asserts that the BBC published a special form on the site that is used only when the station deals with a large number of critical comments.

According to The Guardian, there are at least 110,000 complaints, but not all of them have criticized the software change. Of these, 233 were supposed to be related to improper attire for bidders under the circumstances.

The BBC declined to confirm the number of complaints it had received. Details will be announced officially on Thursday.

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