A tragedy occurred near the village of Masuszyn Wielki on the Belarusian side of the Białowieża Primeval Forest. Breaking the ice under the herd of bison. 21 animals drowned.

Białowiea National Park has leased more than 100 hectares of meadows for European bison

The national park has signed contracts to lease 125 hectares of private lawn to cater to the bison that live in the Białowiea Forest. Landlords will get…

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The Belarusian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment reported the incident. According to Belsat, Bodies of 21 bison found in pondThe Medzyanka River, a tributary of the Naru River, flows through it.

According to the ministry’s announcement, a flock of about 100 bison passed through the ice-covered reservoir. The ice broke under part of the herd, some animals could not reach the shore and drowned. Bison carcasses were pulled out from under the ice by forest services. A bison calf, bitten by wolves, was also found in the area.

Belsat states that the bison is a protected species in Belarus and one of the state symbols. At the beginning of 2020, there were 2,101 individuals of this species in the country – for comparison, there were 2,269 in Poland, 1,588 in Russia, 564 in Germany, therefore, 77 percent of these four countries lived. world population.

In May last year, the authorities of the Belarusian National Park “Puszcza Białowieska” announced that There are 675 bison on its territory. They stated that the size of the herd seriously exceeded the optimum level, “which allows the management of wild bison on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and beyond.” An unknown number of animals were sold to Kostroma, Russia.

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