The premiere of the revolutionary AMD AM5 platform is getting closer and closer. The design will introduce a lot of new features, including better support for DDR5 RAM.

The new platform aims to bring a lot of changes compared to the AM4 design currently in use. We will not only see new processors – these are Ryzen 7000 chips based on the Zen 4 architecture (5 nm), but also support new interfaces, including support for DDR5 memory and the PCI-Express 5.0 bus.

AMD AM5 platform with better DDR5 memory support

DDR5 memory support looks particularly interesting. According to the latest information (or rather, leaks), the manufacturer plans to introduce the RAMP (Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile) functionality here, which will be the equivalent of XMP 3.0 profiles on the latest Intel platform.

At the moment, not much is known about the job. However, it can be suspected that RAMP profiles will allow better processing of high-speed (overclocked) DDR5 memory modules – they contain information about the timings, delays and voltages of the modules, so that the user does not have to manually adjust with them.

The latest HWiNFO beta version already includes raw support for AMD RAMP

The feature can work in a similar way to A-XMP/AMP (for DDR4 modules). We will simply deal with the support for XMP 3.0 profiles, but in the case of the AMD platform, the RAMP function will be responsible for reading parameters (we probably should not expect that manufacturers of memory modules will prepare special modules with RAMP profiles).

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How will it be in practice? Will motherboard and module manufacturers take advantage of this feature? We will likely find out on the occasion of the launch of the platform that is planned for the second half of the year. It is worth noting that the manufacturer plans to offer longer support here, similar to the current AM4 platform.

Source: ComputerBase, Photo: ASUS