Deputy Education and Science Minister Tomasz Rzymkovsky announced on “Journalistic Poker” on Republika TV that the stationary studies will begin on January 10. The Deputy Minister also referred to the presidential veto on the so-called amendment to the media law. In his opinion, the new regulations were to regulate media activities only and prevent any attempts to circumvent the law.

As Roman Rzymkowski pointed out, the broadcasting law amendment was aimed at regulating existing regulations on the media and preventing circumvention of them. – The legislator clearly stated that the capital structure of terrestrial radio cannot exceed 49 percent. Non-EEA company shares – guest Adrian Stankowski mentioned.

As the Deputy Minister noted, “TVN’s current owner, Discovery TV, used a trick and provided the address of the mailbox at Amsterdam Airport.” The will of the legislator was clearly expressed: the entity must operate within the European Economic Area. The Discover group, as a live, does not work in this area – emphasized Rzymkowski.

The Deputy Minister also referred to the coronavirus pandemic, in particular the spread of the Omikron variant, regarding the functioning of schools.

– From January 10, as it was announced, we plan to resume static education with these restrictions on coronavirus infection, which were in effect from September 1 – said Rzymkowski.

So far, there is still a bit of hard data to determine what kind of mutation we’re dealing with. Undoubtedly, the virus in the Omikron variant is much more contagious, but we do not know how the disease proceeds in this case – confirmed.

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Source: TV Republic

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