He will return to the highway more determined to win. He has something to prove himself – says the legend of malice Hans Nielsen about Maxim Drapek. Dane in an interview with WP SportoweFakty, incl. He also evaluated the engine opportunities at PGE Ekstraliga.

Konrad Mazur, WP SportoweFakty: Another year of working with Danish employees behind you. How do you rate it?

Hans Nielsen, four-time world singles champion, coach of the Danish national team: Not everything went our way, but we did win the bronze medal at the Speedway of Nations. We didn’t take full advantage of our opportunity. On our second day in Manchester we felt much better, but something was missing. We are disappointed that we did not make it to the finals. I think we failed to prepare at first. It is always a question of who should be placed in the inner realm and who in the outer realm. We suggested one of the gears. Well, you could say that the British were a little lucky that we made a mistake, and so was Poland (laughs).

Success is winning and being satisfied when you stand on the podium. I would put it this way. I think we’ve had a strong couple, Mikel and Leon who have done well this year. Mads Hansen, who accomplished his mission in the final, must also be commended. This is the last year in this system, so there will be a chance for someone else.