Voter polling by pollsters favored the US president gives him 48 percent, ahead of rival Joe Biden by 47 percent.

In the final days of the campaign, a former Democratic vice president is haunted by corruption allegations about his son Hunter, which, according to the poll, have fallen with voters.

The latest survey by the Institute for Democracy / Sunday Express gave the US president a two-point lead and fell after being hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Significantly, the president, according to the latest results, has maintained a four-point lead of 49 percent to 45 percent in major swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

This means that he is on his way to easily winning electoral college by 326 to 212 votes against his Democratic opponent in a result that will shock the world even more than his stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Democracy Institute / Sunday Express poll throughout the campaign has been among the few who have predicted Trump will win since March.

This is because, unlike other polls, it only views the people identified as potential voters rather than just registering to vote and has tried to define Trump’s shy vote.

According to this latest survey, eight in ten (79 percent) of Trump supporters would not admit it to friends and family compared to 21 percent of Biden supporters.

As the race rages in recent days, allegations that Biden and his family are corrupt over allegations regarding his son Hunter’s business dealings with China and Ukraine using family ties appear.

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There was controversy when social media platforms including Twitter apparently tried to filter the stories surrounding Hunter Biden published by the New York Post.

But the disagreement, according to the survey, only helped raise public awareness of the issue.

When asked who they think is telling the truth about the Biden family’s allegations, 57 percent chose businessman and former Biden colleague Tony Popolinsky, who brought charges against the former vice president.

Meanwhile, 52% agreed that Biden was a “corrupt politician” with 21% saying they were less likely to vote for him and 75% saying it didn’t make a difference.

And when asked whether the allegations made him a threat to national security, 54 percent agreed.

The approval rate for the US president’s job is now rated at 52 per cent which, according to the director of the Institute for Democracy, Patrick Basham, is now at the “normal levels” for which she is expected to be re-elected.

Even after the Black Lives Matter protests, nearly four in ten black voters approved of his presidency and 21 percent were willing to vote for him.

Trump’s two strongest issues among voters still rank the most important – economics and law and order – at 29%.

In comparison, the Coronavirus, in which the president’s approval rating has not been high, ranks fourth with 20% as the most important issue.

According to the results, 61 percent believe Trump will be better for the economy, but only 45 percent agree with his handling of the Coronavirus, while 49 percent are against.

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Meanwhile, Biden still came third when asked who had the most positive impact on the criminal justice system, at 14 percent, behind both Mr. Trump and celebrity Kim Kardashian at 43 percent.

“The latest Democracy Institute poll shows that President Donald Trump, the Republican flag bearer, is one point ahead of his Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. This is a statistical correlation that falls strongly within the poll’s margin of error,” said Mr. Basham.

Of course, elections will not be determined by popular vote. Instead, it will be specified Within the battlefield states that are primarily located in the Midwest and Sunbelt regions of the country.

“The Republican vote is very effective, as it was in 2016. This is the president’s vote Trump card.

Trump voters are more evenly distributed across the country than Biden voters.

Biden’s relatively ineffective vote is likely to reflect Hillary Clinton out of four Years ago. Biden will be performing incredibly well in the populous states of California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. In these states, and in others, reliably painted in a deep democratic blue, he will achieve huge margins of victory over Trump, providing him with the possibility of a popular victory in the vote, and yet perhaps depriving him of adequate votes in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina and Florida to convert Trump into one-term president. “