A Polish man, ukasz P., accused of molestation and pouring acid with intent to seriously harm the health of his ex-partner, a 49-year-old Polish woman, is currently on trial in a London court. .

According to “The Evening Standard”, it all happened on September 10 last year in the capital of England and was the result of the split of the Poles a few months earlier. ukasz P. could not stand the fact that his former partner had married another man and she had created a new life for herself. He started harassing her, snooping on her and sending her punishable threats. Shortly after their separation, the 37-year-old left a white balloon in front of his ex-wife’s house with the words: “Bitch, pour me Acid On your face, your kids will push too.” And one more time, send a message to a woman saying, ‘Be careful you’ll never look in the mirror again.’ “

ukasz P. pour acid on his victim

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