Telewizja Polska was supposed to be a medium that connects the entire nation and delivers content that satisfies every social group. But it wasn’t like this in years. For the first time in history, most Poles rate TVP negatively.

Probably no one in Poland would be inclined to say that TVP was once a perfect public television. Over the years, you can complain about a lack of funding, a technological backwardness, and a lack of ambition to create a cultural center like the BBC. But at the same time, only the blind will be able to admit that the state of Polish television in recent years has become more and more dramatic. The sheer lack of objectivity in news programming, aggressive language and propaganda, offering pleasant entertainment and ignoring the potential of premium series are just some of the many sins that TVP commits.

In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the numerous scandals related to public broadcasting, including the recent censorship of rainbow makeup by Roksana Węgiel in “Dancing Dance Dance”, the continuous postponement of the date of the document about the Smolensk disaster or the arrangement of the schedule only for the Catholic Church. The well-known faces who collaborated with Polish TV over the years became more and more collapsing. The future of the iconic “1z10” hangs in the balance. Artur Ursich will not comment on “Eurovision”, as all of Poland have commented on the confusion with the hosts of “Question for Breakfast”.

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Telewizja Polska has huge problems that won’t be solved by reverting to the formats in years.

The strategy to work on the nostalgia of the elderly audience, devised by the new old boss of TVP, has worked well for some time. The revitalization of the “wheel of fortune” and the abundance of programs referring to the People’s Republic of Poland had its magic. But in recent years, we have felt the tremendous problems of Polish television in creating new and innovative forms. And the coronavirus pandemic has not helped.

How long can you build on the success of the “Crown of Kings” and “Asylum of Love” before viewers are finally tired of these titles? Certainly not indefinitely, so I’ll continue to grapple with TVP problems. Even a lot of government aid in the face of a major financial crisis is keeping people alive more than investing in the future. Nor is it conducive to the positive attitude of viewers, who (even those who watch Polish TV shows daily) are outraged by this help.

This is why TVP’s rating has been dropping for years. And the first time is mostly negative.

The results of the CBOS survey clearly overlapped with the political conflict that divides society in many different aspects of life. There is no doubt that public television, which robs the humanity of some of its citizens (in this case they belong to the LGBT + community), does not deserve such a name. Because, apart from that, he often uses modest propaganda and openly participates in party disputes, he rejects more and more social groups.

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However, in my opinion, the crisis in which TVP-created entertainment has found itself should not be underestimated. Because a lot of people watched public TV channels just because of that. And because they appreciated local products and programs, they also praised TV itself. The publicity was dried daily by Wiadomości for the first conference in CBOS research after 2014. But TVP’s problems run deeper. There is no indication that the situation will improve anytime soon. Not in such a political system and with the leadership that Jacek Kurski runs.

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