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Will “passport vaccination” help remove the business freeze?

The exit from the state of emergency means that the entire country will not have a curfew, which has limited people leaving homes between 21 and 1. There is also no ban on gatherings.

Fully vaccinated Americans can cast their masks. Will there be confusion?

The state of emergency allowed, among other things, to order medicines and protective products without bidding

Others Restrictions The authorities can present the government regarding the conduct of the economy, culture and sports thanks to the Economic Mobilization Act, passed by Parliament and immediately signed by President Susanna Chapotova.

The state of emergency allowed doctors to issue a warrant Work In hospitals, order medicines and direct protection products without bidding. Payment is also allowed payroll To Healthcare Professionals Direct From bud¿etu Override the Ministry of Health.

COVID-19 vaccinationA day off for vaccination against COVID-19. The left has submitted a bill to the House of Representatives

Slovakia’s prime minister encourages citizens to get vaccinated

When announcing the lifting of the state of emergency, Prime Minister Edward Heeger said that the epidemic continues, and therefore citizens must adhere to the restrictions in place. He also encouraged them to do so Vaccinations.

The state of emergency was in effect Slovakia From the beginning of October 2020. Since then, it has been extended several times, most recently on April 26th.


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