Surely you already know the YouTube channel called CarWow. Men from Great Britain often organize interesting parallel races on the tarmac.

This time they decided to do something a little different. Three 4×4 vehicles will compete on the off-road driving circuit. This test aims to show which vehicle is best for off-road driving.

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The first car from the beach is the BMW X3 xDrive30e. Weighing in at nearly two tons, the SUV is powered by a hybrid engine based on a 2.0-liter petrol engine. The total power of the group is 292 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque.

Right next to it you can see a green Audi Q5 45 TFSI. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 265 horsepower and a torque of 370 Nm.

Another competitor is the Volvo XC60 B4 AWD. It is the only one in the competition to have a soft-hybrid diesel engine. Its power is 197 horsepower, and the torque is 420 Nm.

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Which engine will be more efficient in six attempts? Points are awarded for each task, which is added at the end of the attached video. See who won.

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