Saturday on Radio Three jojic asked about Penal Code Amendment Draft by Solidarna polishing assumptionTighter regulations for offending religious sentiments. The draft changes were submitted to the House of Representatives on Thursday.

unclear rules

According to the minister, the current systems are missing Clarify the provisions. have Law We defend ourselves as Christians, and it’s not just about Christians – He said. He added, “The regulations should be defined in such a way that there are no vague terms like MeansThis is what this amendment is supposed to serve.

In any case, for many years, the doctrine had assumed that these provisions should be clarified so that there would be no doubt later When Mary sticks to the toiletSomeone is joking about our religious feelings He said.

Referring to the proposal of the service provider deputy expert PIS Radoslaw Fogiel In turn, he announced that talks on this issue will take place in the United Right. I do not yet know the details of what our colleagues from Poland Solidarity are suggesting – He said.

Being imprisoned for watching “The Life of Brian”?

When asked about this issue, a member of the Polish coalition PSL Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski He indicated that he was skeptical about the proposed changes. In his opinion, such “alleged clarifications of the law” meant that anyone could turn to court.

Bartoszewski wondered if the movie could be shown after the law change “Brian’s Life”It is – as he pointed out – a cult film in Great Britain and abroad. Does it offend religious feelings? I suspect that after these details, the creator and actorsViewers may end up in prison. I am against this kind of change – He said.

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turn, deputy KO Bowie Koala He pointed out that everything that Minister and Jake said is already there. Religion in public life, if one embraces a religion, simply requires an appropriate role model and attitude. Does not require additional regulations He said.

Poland Solidarity Project

Draft Penal Code Amendments by Solidarna Polska assuming stricter regulations for offending religious sentiment He went to the House of Representatives on Thursday. According to the drafters, the prepared changes are intended to protect freedom of conscience, religion and religious freedom.

Solidarna Polska suggests, inter alia, Art Editing. 196 PC. “Whoever insults or ridicules the Church or any other religious association under an organized legal situation, shall be punished for its doctrines and rituals with imprisonment for a term of up to two years” – the Zbigniew Zubro party project assumes. The changes also stipulate a penalty of up to three years in prison if the offender committed the aforementioned act through the media.

The draft also provides for the modification of Art. 195 of the Penal Code Currently, this provision provides for a penalty of up to two years imprisonment for malicious interference with the public performance of a religious act. We have a proposal to delete the word “harmful” and introduce the possibility of protecting faith, and the possibility of the safe and peaceful practice of a religious act, regardless of the translations of the perpetrators. – The Deputy Minister of Justice said presentation of the project assumptions Marcin Warshaw.

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The authors of the project also want Tougher penalties Imprisonment for up to three years for offenders who, for example, interfere with collective behavior so intensely that they cause it to be disrupted.