The forum will be an event that will give them a new impetus. The more the Polish-Arab Economic Forum takes place for the first time in the history of Poland’s relations with the countries of the region, it will be one of the most important economic events that Poland organizes during the World Expo 2020. The forum organized by the Polish Agency for Investment and Trade (PAIH is also responsible for the Polish pavilion at the Expo in Dubai) will be attended by nearly eight hundred people from Poland and Arab countries, including many Polish entrepreneurs. The Polish delegation will include, among others, the heads of: the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Export Credit Insurance Corporation (KUKE) and the Polish Enterprise Development Agency (PARP).

Export, but also investments

At the forum, Poland will present its offer both in terms of export and investment. Polish companies will showcase their achievements and will also have the opportunity to establish cooperation with economic partners from Arab countries. The main themes of the planned team discussions for the forum will be: green energy development, Polish export and investment presentation, infrastructure topics for the future, as well as modern design inspired by tradition and issues related to food safety.

The head of the Ministry of Development talks with the ambassadors

Several days ago, Minister of Development and Technology Piotr Nowak met with Iman Ahmed Al-Salami, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Poland, and the ambassador of the State of Kuwait, Khaled Yati Al-Fadhli. The talks focused specifically on the possibility of intensifying mutual economic cooperation.

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Expo in Dubai – what awaits us at the Polish Pavilion?

The United Arab Emirates, which hosts the exhibition, as the first Arab country in history, is the second, after Saudi Arabia, the largest partner in Poland’s trade with the Arab (Persian) Gulf states and the first in terms of Polish value. Exports in 2019. Statistics Office For the period from January to August 2021, an upward trend was recorded in the Polish-Emirati trade volume. They amounted to $560.4 million (16% increase compared to the eight months of 2020), including Polish exports – $430.6 million (8.5% increase) and imports – $129.8 million (an increase of 49%). According to data of the National Bank of Poland, the total value of Polish direct investments in the UAE by the end of 2020 was estimated at 264 million US dollars. There are, among others, Polish companies from the oil and gas, construction and installation, information technology, geodesic, furniture, cosmetics, medical equipment, luxury yachts and metal packaging industries.

In turn, Kuwait is the first country from the Persian Gulf region to establish official diplomatic relations with Poland since 1963, and mutual trade in 2020 showed an upward trend and exceeded 115 million US dollars (an increase of 27% compared to 2019). Including Polish exports of nearly 109 million US dollars (an increase of 28%). Traditionally, the main center is formed from agro-food products – 47 million US dollars last year, about 43 percent. Participation in exports. The imports from Kuwait are mainly plastic materials and products made from them.

Food exports to Egypt

Even before the Polish-Arab Economic Forum, on November 30, 1St The Egyptian-Polish Electronic Conference on Agri-Food. The conference organized by PAIH will be held online, and its topics will cover: the main product categories of the agri-food sector in Egypt and Poland, trade opportunities between countries, trade logistics between Egypt and Poland, business conditions in Egypt, including opportunities and challenges, the latest technologies in the agri-food sector, And food platforms in both countries, and project financing opportunities for the agri-food sector.

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