Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Diplomacy Woebke Hoekstra said during his address to the House of Representatives in The Hague that the Dutch authorities are ready to provide military support to Ukraine. A parliamentary majority supported the sale of arms to Ukraine. “The Netherlands is separating from Germany,” Oxford analyst Samuel Ramani commented.

The Wall Street Journal: Germany has banned arms supplies from Estonia to Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Germany has not allowed Estonia to export artillery from Germany to Ukraine. It is located around…

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According to Hoekstra, the authorities in Kiev asked the Netherlands for support in the field of armaments on Thursday. Commenting on the announcement of the Deputy Prime Minister, the portal nltimes.nl states that “the Netherlands was previously against granting military assistance to Ukraine, but, as the Deputy Prime Minister explained, “the context is changing day by day” – the Russians are drawing more and more troops on the border with Ukraine , And United States of America I think aggression is possible.

Holland It is also “open” to support Ukraine in the field of security, and to support a possible request by Kiev to supply weapons to NATO. On February 1, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Deputy Prime Minister Hoekstra will pay a two-day visit to Kiev.

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“The Netherlands is separating from Germany and abandoning its opposition to the rearmament of Ukraine,” Samuel Ramani, a political analyst and analyst at Oxford University who specializes in Russia, commented.

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He also promised to provide military support to Ukraine through, inter alia: the Czech Republic. Find out more at this link.


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