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Polish national men’s volleyball team.

Poland-USA is our representation match as part of the 2022 League of Nations. Our volleyball players are one of the main candidates for the tournament, but to fight for gold they have to win many matches. The United States may be a strong contender, so the meeting will certainly be exciting. When and where will it happen?

Poland – USA It is a match that will interest volleyball fans who follow it League of Nations 2022. In this year’s tournament, Poland is one of the main candidates. But the next match will not be easy. The US national team is one of the strongest teams in America and has won even the toughest matches. The Poland-USA match is a real hit for volleyball fans. For this reason, many people are looking for information about the venue and time of this sporting event. The most important information about this event can be found below.

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Poland vs USA match. History of the place

The Poland-USA match as part of the 2022 UEFA Champions League will take place on Sunday 26 June. The meeting starts at 15:20. The Poles will play against the North American team in Bulgaria, with all matches of this year taking place at this stage of the competition.

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Who will win the Poland-USA match?

Nations League 2022 – Poland matches

  • June 26: USA – Poland (3:30 pm)
  • July 5: Iran-Poland (20:00).
  • July 7: Poland – Slovenia (20:00)
  • July 8: Poland-Netherlands (20:00 noon).
  • July 9: Poland – China (20:00).