A British resident posted a report on the entire event on social media. At the beginning of the film, he shows viewers black lace underwear.

I’m going to change to this. The pair will be here in a few minutes. I hope he likes it, says Mackenzie Lynn Smith in the recording posted on TikTok.

She wanted to welcome her husband in lace underwear. Not everything went its way

The woman assures that she wants to avoid the prying eyes of her neighbors. The following shot shows my husband’s car. The wife ran to meet her lover in only underwear.

After a while, Mackenzie Lynn Smith got into the car. You could see the unhappy expression on her husband’s face. He covers his face with his hand and greets his wife very gently, trying not to look at her.

After a while, we found out the reason for all the confusion. It turns out that the man’s mother is sitting in the back seat.

You look cute, dear – however, your mother-in-law turns to the author of the film.

Her mother-in-law saw her only in underwear. Netizens enjoy up to their armpits

The movie spread like wildfire on social media. Within 3 days, it has garnered more than 2.5 million views.

I’m so ashamed…” Mackenzie Lynn Smith signed the video.

After this thing for a week, I couldn’t shake my embarrassment – one commenter wrote.

However, some people said that the mother-in-law’s reaction was quite reassuring. It was confirmed that she accepted this outfit one hundred percent.

She said you look “nice”. The netizen said he knew what was going on.

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