As the professor says, Poland’s progress is not caused by the extraordinary acceleration of our country, but from a very difficult period of the epidemic, which in many countries, especially poor countries, has translated into a deterioration in the quality of life.

“On the other hand, we’ve been very stable for several years when it comes to the index’s summary reading, which means that we belong to the elite of developed countries, which deal well with the epidemic compared to developing countries,” he explains.

In recent months, despite the difficult situation, Poland has recorded a relatively low decline in economic growth.

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The wave of unemployment and rising poverty were averted. as a professor. In recent years, mainly thanks to social transfers, Poland has been able to improve the so-called public welfare, reduce the poverty area, increase Internet access, and educate women.

The United Nations classification of sustainable development includes 165 countries, the position of each of them is based on many indicators, of which 126 were analyzed in Poland.

This year, Poland scored 80.2 points, and the highest score was Finland (85.9 points), Sweden (85.6), Denmark (84.9), Germany (82.5), Belgium (82.2), Austria (82.1).

But the Slovak Republic already has 79.6 points, Latvia 79.2 points, and Hungary 78.8 points.