Intergovernmental consultations between Poland and Lithuania began on Friday. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will speak with Prime Minister Ingrid Zimoniti, among others, about security in the region in the context of our eastern neighbours. Matters related to both countries’ membership in the European Union will also be discussed.

The head of the National Security Office noted in an interview with Anthony Tarzmiel on Polish Radio 24 that although Europe has the ability to oppose Russia, the security of our continent depends on the United States. Pawe Soloch indicated the reasons for this dependence.

The United States is the guarantor of security

Theoretically, the potential of Europe is sufficient to balance, for example, the potential of Russia, but there is no indication that the current situation will change at some expected times. Only the United States can guarantee complete security, Solok said.

The politician noted that the capabilities of the US military (and thus defense as well) are determined primarily by the nuclear arsenal.

– This security is due to the fact that the factories possess collective weapons and guarantee the security of their allies. He pointed out that it is difficult to imagine the emergence of any European nuclear deterrent force.

Soluk also stated that recent events in Afghanistan demonstrated the need for a strong national army.

– We can see that in a situation like Afghanistan, the national forces and resources are ultimately decided. It was the Americans who defined their help in the form of equipment or soldiers. It is hard to imagine protection and deterrence in Europe without the United States, he said.

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