The Science Festival is back in Lajos Kossuth and instantly gathers crowds of knowledge-hungry students. Both theoretical and practical. They can draw it not only from the stands in the gymnasium, but also from workshops and lectures in classrooms. Most of all, they had a great time.

Events returned to Herzfeld after a two-year pandemic halted. – Students from primary and secondary schools from all over Orsenov come. There are also groups of friendly schools from Mokotów. I think about 1,000 people passed through here during the day – LO im manager says. Kossutha Anna Jurek.

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The festival took place this year in a slightly changed fashion. So far, the focus has been on amazing experiences. Now, a large part of the action has moved to the classroom, where you can listen to interesting lectures or take part in interesting workshops.

We participated in a lecture on ecology. We learned about ways to protect the environment. We are also encouraged to report to organizations dealing with this topic. We also attended a lecture on forensic medicine. The lecturer talked about his work. He was showing a briefcase with the equipment he used – Say Juliana, Maricia, Olga, Zosia – the participants of the festival.

You can take part in the Oxford Debate or listen to historical nuances in Władysław Bartoszewski’s work. There were also math games.

There is, for example, a triple – a bit like a domino, but with three sides – or a die roll with an equation and you have to draw the appropriate number from the special cards. As a bonus, students receive another question on a special platform. This award is a real pleasure for them. The added value is also that it is not on phones – Ms. Anna notes.

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Scented candles and robots

It was nothing short of happening in the gym. There were platforms equipped by universities, research clubs, and municipal units.

Students can create their own natural soy wax candle. They choose the essential oils themselves to get the right fragrance. Girls especially love to have fun – says Ms. Catarzina of the beleaguered ESEM wing.

The position of the Academy of Special Education was also very popular. Krzysztof and Kamil – students of the Faculty of Abilities and Computer Science – were on his side, demonstrating the capabilities of an unusual robot. The little machine moved according to the color of the track.

During the classes, we worked on using the robot to learn programming for younger classes. There was a slogan, but times go on Note to students.

Students can arrange the robot’s path independently from the prepared puzzles or – interestingly – simply paint it using the colors of the markers. The bot was doing fine on this too. In addition, you can control cute robots.

Fun, learning and the future

The queue was also lined up at the station of the Sanitary and Epidemiological District in Warsaw. The topic discussed by its representatives was a healthy lifestyle and addiction.

We wait in line for the goggles that make you see like drunk. The task is to walk between the pillars without shaking them and not overturning. we can do it – Blanca, Maja, Emilka and Zozia reassured.

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The students had previously visited the stand of the Vistula Group of Universities. There, among other things, they measured body mass index – body mass index. – The festival is really fun, there are a lot of people. We did not have the opportunity to participate in previous festivals. It’s always something new and different and you can learn things that might be useful in the future – Girls add.

Older students are sure already wondering about that. Younger not necessarily. Especially since they don’t know what they really want to do. – We are in the seventh grade. We still have a choice of direction, but events like this certainly help with that. You can learn a lot of interesting and useful things. We’ve never been to a similar festival before, but if there’s still a chance, we’ll definitely go – Say Zozia and Julia.