The school is completed and the kindergarten is on Zaroubi Street. Now is the time for roadworks. It takes, among other things, the construction of an elevated intersection of the streets of Zarubi and Ioanua-Zagnoviza. Works over 1 million zlotys will be completed in January.

On January 18th, at the earliest, after the winter break, the children will return to school. By that time, all road works around the new educational complex in Kabati will be completed. On behalf of the area, Falbrook is building safe and comfortable access for cars, bicycles and a pedestrian walkway, connecting them with existing communication routes.

This means problems for the population. The largest of them is the reconstruction of the junction of Sharobi Zarubi and Ioannua Szagnovicza. In this place, very close to the school, an elevation will be created, forcing drivers to take their feet off the gas and exercise special care.

– Every building site is a nuisance. There is narrowing in the street, in addition to broken asphalt, you have to pay attention to the machines, but if you have to, this is a must and nothing to complain about. There’s more traffic going on here and that worries me the most – says Mr. Tomasz, a resident of the region.

It will also be possible to get to school and kindergarten by bike. A special road will make this possible. In order not to damage the roots of the linden trees growing near Zaruba, the bicycle path between the rows of trees will be specially designed.

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Pedestrian walkway and sidewalk on pegs

If the roots are present, the pegs will be pushed into the ground, where the path surface will stabilize. Thanks to this, a space will be created in which the root system will be able to continue growing without any problems. The same technology will be used for pavement construction.

There will be handicapped facilities in the entire area adjacent to the facilities. Including: specially marked walkways, lower barriers, and in front of pedestrian crossings and bike paths – yellow paving slabs with inserts. People using wheelchairs will arrive at the school via a special ramp.

The scope of work also includes construction of six public parking spaces along Iwanowo-Szajnowicza, five along ul. Zaroubi and one for disabled people on both streets. In addition to the parking spaces already constructed for 88 bicycles, there will also be three parking spaces outside for drivers to pause with access from Iwanowo-Szajnowicza.

The reconstruction is also linked to the liquidation of some of the existing parking lots. To allow a good view over the western pedestrian crossing over ul. Iwanowa-Szajnowicza, there will be low green spaces instead of a car park. In addition to shrubs, new trees will be planted.

They will connect the streets

All work must be completed by January 15, 2021. It costs more than 1 million zlotys. However, this is not the end – the second phase of the works is scheduled to begin next year. It assumes a connection between the streets of Iwanowa-Szajnowicza and Kabacka.

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However, this will only be possible after school playgrounds are constructed. In 2021, we are also planning to build hanging benches at ul. Zaruba in the square in front of the school – He reaches the neighborhood.

The new elementary school number 399 may start in Zaruba after the winter break, on January 18. It will be attended by first-year students studying temporarily at facility number 340 on Lokajskiego Street since September. The kindergarten will open in Iwanowa-Szajnowicza during the summer holidays.