There is buzz around Wimbledon. The English championship authorities excluded Russians and Belarusians. In response, the men’s tennis organization (ATP) and the women’s tennis organization (WTA) sanctioned Wimbledon. Players will not receive points for ranking their performance at this year’s edition of the event in London.

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Most Russians are silent or support punishment

During the ongoing Roland Garros tournament, most tennis players avoid a definitive answer at Wimbledon. Some – such as Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal defended the decision of the tennis authorities, noting that it was Wimbledon who wanted to discriminate against Russians and Belarusians.

When asked about Wimbledon, Russian and Belarusian tennis players either kept quiet or praised the WTA/WTA decision to punish the English. Only Daria Kasatkina, the best Russian tennis player at the moment, spoke to in Paris. We asked the 20th-ranked WTA player what she thought of taking the points away from Wimbledon and of the English Championship’s decision to exclude the Russians and Belarusians from the start.

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I bow my shoulder

– I was not involved in the decision-making process by the WTA, nor was I consulted. This is a very difficult situation. Apparently, the WTA decided that this was the best decision in their opinion. We have to live with it somehow. I know very well that this affects a lot of tennis players who will lose points. I’m so sorry about that. The situation in the world today is difficult. The tennis authorities are trying to somehow deal with it, and I hope the case will end positively, Kasatkina admitted.

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The Russian woman said with sadness in her eyes about Wimbledon’s very decision: “This decision was difficult to accept. We would have preferred to play at Wimbledon. The decision was made outside of our control, and no one had ever told us about it. However, I generally understand Wimbledon’s decision, although painful Too much for me.”

Kasatkina seemed upset about the whole situation during our conversation. The 25-year-old tennis player did not want to say more, but her voice is still strong compared to the rest of the Russians. What did they say during Roland Garros?

Medvedev and Rublev criticize Wimbledon

Danio Medvedev, ATP runner-up: “I would like to focus on Roland Garros because a lot has been said about Wimbledon. I want to focus on Roland Garros where I can play and do well. It is not easy to comment on the ATP decision, but when I read how they explain it Their decision, I found the rationale for it. I did not find this in the rationale for the decision that Wimbledon made. I am not saying the right decision, but the ATP decision is more reasonable and consistent.”

Seventh in the world, Andre Roblox: “First of all, Wimbledon stopped the deal with the ATP. If you have a deal, you can’t break it, and they did. I think the point here is to show the tournaments can’t do all they can. They want it. It’s about cooperation in tennis. If we have toxic relationships, as they are today, only bad things await us. Tournaments must support players, players must support tournaments. Otherwise, everything will be destroyed, the entire history of tennis. The only way is Being together., There are no toxic relationships.”

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Khachanov did not answer questions about Wimbledon

In the ATP Ranking #25, Karen Khachanov was upset in the post-match press conference because a reporter asked him about Wimbledon and not the match he won. This was the conversation between them:

  • journalistHow do you feel after the tennis authorities’ decision regarding Wimbledon?
  • Khachanov: Do you want to talk to me about the game? Don’t you care to match me?
  • journalist: I care, but I wanted to know.
  • (Khachanov She interrupts him and says) Well, well, ask
  • journalistIs the Wimbledon craziness affecting your performance?
  • Khachanov: Quite frankly? Don’t think about it. I have said many times that I am sad about Wimbledon’s decision. But I am a professional athlete and I have to deal with it. Although I’m lying, it doesn’t affect me. Wimbledon did not take this discriminatory decision against the UK authorities. Why didn’t Roland Garros act like Wimbledon? We can ask ourselves this question. The decision of the ATP authorities is a sign of our support, a sign of non-discrimination.

Azarenka prefers not to recline

And Victoria Azarenka, a Belarusian woman, spoke in a similar vein. Her opinion is especially important because Azarenka is a member of the WTA board, which women’s tennis authorities have consulted about Wimbledon. – There are many things about this that people don’t know. From the board’s point of view, we did everything not to hit the players. I wanted to find a middle ground because many players will eventually lose points. My reaction is: as it is. I have already said that I will be criticized in every situation, no matter what I say. I don’t want to be in front of you. I want to help others, said Azarenka, and in the end I’m here to do my job.

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