Until 2002, Bowie Warszicki was married to actress Barbara Winarska. Unfortunately, at the age of 50, Maria died of a brain aneurysm and her handicapped daughter Anna was orphaned. Since then, the actor has taken care of the woman suffering from cerebral palsy.

Fortunately, caring for his daughter didn’t stop Wawrzecki from rearranging his love life. In 2009, he married Isabella Roman – the owner of a pharmaceutical company. The couple met in Chicago, where the actor came to the Quadrat Theater.

– I myself did not think that he would be so colorful at a later age. Wawrzecki said shortly after the wedding: I would marry and be a US citizen.

However, the couple shared their lives between the United States and Poland for many years. Just two years ago, the actor made a decision to move abroad.

– I love the United States very much. I live on the road, but I could find more and more time to enjoy my life there. It’s a beautiful country, he admitted in an interview with Bombonik.

However, in the same interview, Wawrzecki admitted that in the United States he does not go to actors and does not seek to participate. You have to remember that I wasn’t born to just work. For example, I really enjoy having my dogs there and spending time with them. I think this is enough for me, he said.

The actor also added that he is very physically active: he walks in the mountains and goes skiing. When in the ocean, I walk long distances on the beaches. Anyway, I visit it. I love to ride, drive, drive, and drive forward – it’s revealed.

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Paweł Wawrzecki turned 71 in February this year. The roles in comedy series brought him the greatest appreciation and at the same time the sympathy of viewers. Viewers remember him, among other things, from “Złotopolski” or “Mothers, Wives and Lover” or “Gracików”. Now we can watch the actor in a Polsat production titled “Kowalski vs. Kowalski”.