Last week definitely changed the Netflix TOP 10 ranking structure. Most of the products in this release on the list are new products available on the website for only a few days. However, the production that had captured the hearts of Poles some time ago – “New Amsterdam” won an unquestionable victory.

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Netflix’s new top 10 rankings have appeared regularly on the Netflix platform over the past seven days. The series “New Amsterdam” was definitely the winner, which was confirmed by a new trend that was noticeable a week ago. But this does not mean that the new release of the popularity rating on Polish Netflix did not receive any surprises.

Netflix Poland TOP 10 – Most viewed movies and series this week:

10. Sniper: last shot (new)

They don’t have to wait long for them, as “Sniper: Last Shot” won the 10th place might have been the biggest surprise last week. We are here dealing with a Class B production that had no chance of being distributed in theaters. This is the seventh part of the “Sniper” film series about a group of scout snipers serving in the United States Marine Corps. How can a previously unheard of production that theoretically has no right to win a large audience gets caught in the crossfire of many Polish viewers? This is called the mystery of history.

Result: 14 points

9. Three divergent steps (new)

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease in which the secretion of the external glands is disturbed, which may lead to recurrent respiratory infections and chronic pancreatitis. On paper, it seems that the story of people with this condition is more appropriate for a serious drama or drama than a teenage love story. The creators of “Three Steps From Each Other” built an upbeat story about emerging hope, as they took ninth place in their list of Top 10 New Netflix Channels.

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Result: 15 points

8. I’ll take care of everything (seven places fall out)

After all, “I will take care of everything” turns out to be a specific profession for Polish viewers. Production lost its high profile relatively quickly, and very mediocre reviews from viewers and critics indicate the cause of the condition. Many viewers were hoping for another great novel with Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage, but eventually we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Score: 19 points

7 Spider-Man: Far From Home (New)

The last MCU movies released to date, since their debut on Netflix Polska, scored mid-stage spots, which ultimately finished with a score of 20 points. And with two titles taking more than half of the total score this week, Spider-Man: Far From Home finally climbed a very high score.

Result: 20 points

6. What does her eyes hide (she falls in three places)

What conceals her eyes is the longest of all Netflix TOP 10 productions. This, even without the addition of mysterious superpowers, is a good basis for a captivating story.

Result: 25 points

5. Brave New World (New)

Brave New World is one of the most prominent dystopias in the history of literature. The Brave New World series was by far a failed experiment in adapting Huxley’s book, and it was a fatal financial mistake that Peacock promptly canceled it. Nevertheless, the production with Demi Moore, Alden Ehrenrich, Harry Lloyd and Jessica Brown Findlay garnered huge audiences. I simply advise everyone else – read the original. It will be more helpful.

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Result: 26 points

4. Loop (same location)

The episode doesn’t leave Patrick Vega, just like What Hides Her Eyes, and it stays close to the Netflix TOP 10 platform the whole time. Sooner or later, the site will also find other Vega movies. Will there ever be a time when viewers will be bored? So far, there is little evidence for this.

Score: 38 points

3 – Kajko i Kokosz (new)

“Kajko i Kokosz”, unlike “Brave New World,” makes devotion to origin a main point of honor. It sure will satisfy loyal fans of the Janusz Christa comics, but not necessarily the rest of the audience. And a small number of episodes will definitely limit the life of the animation after the first 2-3 weeks.

Score: 38 points

2. Jenny & Georgia (new)

“Ginny & Georgia” recently made it to the front page of entertainment media and celebrities, but that wasn’t a positive thing. A wider audience first heard of the series after leaked a sexual joke with Taylor Swift, which was narrated by one of the heroines of a family production. However, in this case, black PR has turned out to be a very positive promotional tool.

Result: 60 points

1. New Amsterdam (1 place)

It only took one point to win the full collection of awards for the “New Amsterdam” series (“Kajko i Kokosz” only beat it once last week), but we still have a pretty sure victory. And it’s even more impressive that it wasn’t the first week of this production on Netflix Polska. Who knows, New Amsterdam might even re-popular a whole genre. Especially since on Netflix you can find more products with Doctors and Surgeons in the lead role.

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Result: 69 points

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