More recently, the palace has been a source of inspiration for students of the State Polytechnic University of Ratchpurs, a theater for theatrical performances, a venue for rebellion ceremonies, and today science reigns in and around it. The foundation organized the second festival of the elements and although the element in the form of a small storm fortunately frustrated the plans of the organizers at first, the nature turned out to be gentle, and the audience grew thicker by the hour.

The festival is a mixture of culture and art with nature and the environment. A family event full of attractions for children, organized in cooperation with the University of Silesia, divided into two areas:

– Culture, which consisted of Marcin Geba’s Sky Pictures photography exhibitions, Elements competition, Clay with Soul ceramics, art workshops, metal detector treasure hunts, outdoor environmental songs parade, “New Adventures Element” by Marek Bobbitt Żły Theater and “Life-giving Fire, Safe Darkness… About the Elements That Shaped Silesia” – a multimedia lecture given by Dr. Jacek Couric.

– Science i.e. Exhibitions, Workshops and Presentations, Dinosaur World, Ice Age, Earth History Narrative, Rock Information Stand, Water in Nature, Weather Corner, Geomites – Myths, Fairy Tales and Legends about Earth Formation, Solar System Voyager – Board game about missions Satellite and multimedia presentation “Walking Around the Egg” by Dr. Andrzej Boczarowski.

For many years, the Foundation has been restoring the mansion to its former glory. It is one of the few facilities in the upper Oder that has found a good patron and host. The works are expensive and are carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Progress will probably be evaluated in August by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Piotr Gliński. Before foundation, finishing is done on the facade and interior design. Students of the State University of Applied Sciences in Racibórz have already suggested how to do this and what the old rooms should be used for. The garden filled with old trees also requires revitalization.

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During the festival, donations were raised for the treatment of Mikowaj Kupala from Wudzislaw Olensky, a boy with spinal muscular atrophy, which can also be supported online:

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